New 2019 Season Quince Jelly.

Available now at The Book Cafe.

Little Downham Conserves are  traditionally served with roast meat, or cheese and biscuits.

Why stop there?.....

  • Add a spoonful, or two, to the pan when making gravy.

  • Stir into sauces, casseroles and stews for sweetness and extra flavour.

  • Add to homemade salad dressings with chopped herbs.

  • Spoon into natural yoghurt or drizzle over ice cream and pancakes.

  • Delicious on a baguette with melted Brie.

  • Use as you would any sauce, dressing or topping.

QuinceJelly £3.00

New Season 2019 Quince Jellyjpg

Ingredients: Quince juice (Cydonia oblonga) cane sugar, lemon juice.

Store unopened jar in a cool, dry place. After opening keep in the refrigerator and consume within three weeks.

Use unopened jar before best before date shown on the label.

Blackberry and Pinot  Noir Wine Jelly.
available  in  January 2020

Little Downham Conserves are produced using  seasonal fruits and berries from Little Downham Nature Reserve and Orchard.

Available from The Book Café in Little Downham Ely Cambridgeshire. Monday 7pm-9pm, Wednesday 2pm-4pm, Friday10am-1pm Prices of jellies vary.

From  January 2020 The Book Café will be open Wednesday 2pm -5 pm and Friday 10am -1pm. There will be no Monday evening sessions.